Transgender Information and Process

F. J. Moore Counseling follows the standards set by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). You can find their website and links to their guidelines at the link below:

CLICK HERE to access The WPATH website

Transgender clients and their family might seek counseling for a number of reasons. One of the most common for transgender individuals is in their path on the long road of transition. Hormone Replacement Therapy most often requires a letter from a licensed counselor or other mental health professional. We provide clients with such letters after completing approximately three months of counseling. At F. J. Moore Counseling, we believe that only the individual can determine their needs regarding transition. As such, you will find no gatekeeping here. We ultimately wish to help you set goals and work toward them!

For those still questioning, our sessions provide a safe space in discussing your feelings and exploring your truths. Many struggle with finding themselves, and once found, struggle with becoming themselves. A number of forces around the client can hold them back. A lack of acceptance and belief that transition is not possible are two common ones. Through counseling, these barriers can be addressed.

For spouses and partners of transgender individuals, the process of transition can mean a transition in the relationship too. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and confusion for the spouse or partner as much as for the trans individual. Sometimes relationships can falter or even fail. Sometimes they can grow stronger. And sometimes they remain relatively the same. Every relationship is different. We offer couples counseling for those relationships involving a trans individual, and we also offer individual counseling for the spouses and partners of trans individuals. In these sessions, the goal is never to prevent someone from being who themselves. All goals, instead, focus on helping the couple determine what is best for their relationship and their personal being.

Likewise, for families of transgender individuals, the process can be challenging. Family sessions are offered, as well as individual sessions, to help spouses and families. For example, parents of transgender children might seek information and help in understanding. As before, the goal of these sessions will never be to “change someone’s identity.” Each family unit will have its own unique set of difficulties to face, and counseling can help better arm them. A benefit of family sessions could be to facility and nurture family understanding.

Sources for more information:

  1. The Trevor Project – A hotline for suicide prevention geared towards LGBT+ youth. 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386)
  2. Translife Line - Similar to the above, but I believe this one is staffed by trans individuals, so if you would be more comfortable with that… 877-565-8860
  3. Transequality - Stay up to date on the fight for equality here!
  4. Trans Student - For trans students and teachers looking to learn more about trans students. Be sure to check out the Gender Unicorn!
  5. GLADD - Of course, GLAAD has some general information these days too.
  6. Trans Central PA - For PA residents, this is a great resource, but they also provide much information applicable to anyone looking to learn more about all things trans. It also has sections that break down trans identity for non-trans people.